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Deutsch & Schneider LLP Helps You to Protect Your Rights for When You are Unable to Make Decisions for Yourself

Rapid medical advances have extended patients’ lives. Unfortunately, sometimes people lose the ability to make critical healthcare decisions. It is vital that all adults 18 years or older have a health care proxy and power-of- attorney in place so a trusted friend or loved one can make decisions for you when you are unable to do so on your own.

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Healthcare and Financial Decisions

Who will make important healthcare decisions for you if you are unable?

Deutsch & Schneider LLP Helps You with Your Living Will, Health Care Proxy, and Power of Attorney

A Living Will can express your desires concerning life-sustaining medical treatment for an irreversible, terminal condition.

A Health Care Proxy can appoint a loved one as an agent for you to make these tough decisions. When you select an agent through a Health Care Proxy, they can make critical decisions for you when you cannot make decisions for yourself. However, if you have made your desires known through a living will, your health care proxy agent cannot contradict your desires. For example, if you are suffering from a severe and ultimately fatal illness and specify in your living will, medical professionals should not take extraordinary measures to save your life, your health care proxy agent cannot demand extraordinary measures be taken.

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Every day, independent and active people encounter physical and mental conditions which interfere with their ability to handle their financial affairs. Rent and bills must be paid, checks deposited, medical forms completed, and tax returns filed. Who takes care of these essential tasks if you are unable?

A Power of Attorney appoints an agent, usually a trusted loved one, to perform these critical tasks if you become incapacitated. A timely and costly proceeding may be required if you do not have a Power of Attorney.

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