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Real Estate Transactions Read More

Buying and selling a home is probably the largest single financial transaction a person will ever undertake. Careful consideration should be given to the technical difficulties involved and to the counsel retained to handle such matters. At Deutsch & Schneider, LLP, we have assisted thousands of individuals, companies and banks over the past 50 years in real estate transactions. The process is complicated. However, we can assist you from start to finish. Once the buyer and seller have agreed on the price, you may be asked to sign a paper and pay a token deposit. The binder is usually prepared by the seller’s real estate broker. Under limited circumstances, the binder may constitute a contract. Before signing it, you should consider seeking legal advice.

Mortgage Foreclosures Read More

Lenders with loans in default in the State of New York face a mortgage foreclosure process which is an arduous, intricate and timely judicial undertaking. There exist numerous statutory hurdles which can delay the process as it works its way through the court system. There are also various pre-suit service and filing requirements along with mandatory settlement conferences for owner occupied residential dwellings. Deutsch & Schneider, LLP has handled thousands of mortgage foreclosures, on all types of properties, on behalf of numerous lenders, throughout the State of New York for the past fifty (50) years. During this time period, we have acquired the skill, experience and knowledge necessary to advocate aggressively and in a cost effective manner.

Foreclosure Defense/Homeowner's Rights Read More

Deutsch & Schneider, LLP has represented not just lenders but also borrowers and homeowners in defending mortgage foreclosure matters since 1957. Our extensive experience in handling thousands of such legal matters over the years allows the firm to zealously safeguard all available rights on behalf of our clients. In protecting homeowner's rights in foreclosure, typical defenses include: whether the homeowner was properly served with the foreclosure papers; whether the plaintiff has the right to commence the foreclosure action; whether the plaintiff properly served notices to the homeowner warning of an impending foreclosure – according to the loan terms and according to statute; whether the “90 day notice” to the homeowner was properly served; whether a “default notice” was properly served. Without these predicate notices, the foreclosing lender may not be legally able to continue the foreclosure action.

Landlord/Tenant Read More

Deutsch & Schneider, LLP is a multipurpose full service Real Estate Law Firm with and extensive practice dedicated to Landlord/Tenant Litigation in New York City and surrounding areas. The Landlord/Tenant attorneys at Deutsch & Schneider, LLP represent clients in a broad range of services related to Landlord/Tenant disputes. Whether through negotiation or litigation, we assist with lease and statutory rights enforcement, as well as the prevention of forfeiture or loss of a Tenant’s home or business. Conversely, our attorneys assist Landlords with drafting/negotiating leases, whether commercial, industrial or residential, and in the continued preservation of contractual rights, enforcing Tenants proper use and occupancy of the property, in accordance with the agreement and the law.

Loan Closings Read More

The law firm of Deutsch & Schneider, LLP has been representing various lenders for over 30 years. We have represented National, Regional and local lenders in both commercial and residential loan transactions. Serving the time sensitive mortgage industry, our office goes the extra mile to ensure that no time is wasted. Upon receipt of a new file, our office does a comprehensive title and document review to insure that the file moves towards a smooth and quick closing. Our office knows how important it is to get your questions answered quickly, regardless of the complexity. We understand that every loan has its own complexities and each lender depends on things running like clockwork, so we keep all parties in the loop and aggressively follow up to ensure that there are no unavoidable delays.

Estate Planning and Administration Read More

Many people wrongly believe that a Will is only for the rich or those who want to set up trusts or save taxes. This is one benefit but Wills are necessary for everyone. The primary reason for making a Will is to leave your property to those you care about, and in the proportions you choose. Having a will means a say in the distribution of your estate. Three out of four Americans die without leaving a Will. The reason is obvious: no one enjoys thinking about his own death. But if you die without a Will, you give up control over your assets to the government. If you want to have a say over what happens to your family, your home, and your financial assets after death, you need a Will. A Will, which Deutsch & Schneider, LLP can draw up after one meeting, can prevent the State from enforcing decisions about your estate that you never would have made.

Personal Bankruptcy Read More

Perhaps you or someone you know is facing harassing or annoying phone calls from debt collectors, banks, or mortgage lenders. A bankruptcy filing can stop those actions immediately and provide you the time you need to understand and address your financial concerns. Should you seek to reduce or eliminate your debts, such as credit card or other consumer loans or debt, you want to talk to an experienced attorney who can concentrate on your particular circumstances, explain the process to you, respond to your questions, and who can represent you in Court. You need someone experienced in Bankruptcy practice who has a proven track record in the field. Deutsch & Schneider, LLP has maintained a bankruptcy practice providing counseling, guidance, and representation to those pursuing personal bankruptcies for decades.

Auto Accidents Read More

The unfortunate reality is that, at one point or another, all motorists are going to be involved in an automobile accident. Congested roads, poor weather and visibility, reckless driving and poor judgement contribute in the occurrence of tens of thousands of accidents annually in the state of New York. At Deutsch & Schneider, LLP, we can help you recover your losses which may arise from pain and suffering, loss of companionship, lost wages and medical expenses. If you are injured in an automobile accident, see a doctor as soon as possible. Potentially serious and costly injuries may seem trivial at first. Where accidents occur within New York State, automobile insurance policies include provisions for payments to drivers operators and passengers of automobiles, and to pedestrians for medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses, regardless of fault.

Appellate Practice Read More

Our expert attorneys can help identify and clarify appellate issues for appeals on interlocutory orders, as well as final judgments in a variety of cases, including real estate and foreclosure litigation. We also defend against appeals of orders and judgments that were properly entered by the lower Courts. We have successfully handled appeals in New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Divisions in the First Department (for cases in New York and Bronx Counties), and in the Second Department (for cases in Kings, Queens, Richmond, Nassau, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties).