Personal Bankruptcy

Perhaps you or someone you know is facing harassing or annoying phone calls from debt collectors, banks, or mortgage lenders. A bankruptcy filing can stop those actions immediately and provide you the time you need to understand and address your financial concerns.

Should you seek to reduce or eliminate your debts, such as credit card or other consumer loans or debt, you want to talk to an experienced attorney who can concentrate on your particular circumstances, explain the process to you, respond to your questions, and who can represent you in Court. You need someone experienced in Bankruptcy practice who has a proven track record in the field.

Deutsch & Schneider, LLP has maintained a bankruptcy practice providing counseling, guidance, and representation to those pursuing personal bankruptcies for decades. Deutsch & Schneider, LLP employs an in-house attorney who specializes in Bankruptcy practice and can help guide you through the financial, legal, and practical aspects of this complicated area of law.

Most of those seeking advice, counseling, or possible bankruptcy filing generally fall into one of two classes – Chapter 7 or 13 of the Bankrutpcy Code. Some have substantial credit card debt they want to reduce or to discharge entirely, and others have substantial credit card debt and/or mortgage debt, which they either are allowed to discharge under the Bankruptcy Code (credit card) depending on their financial circumstances, or which they are required to repay (mortgage debt) should they desire to keep their home, and depending on their financial circumstances.

In either case, Deutsch & Schneider, LLP has specialized in Bankruptcy practice for years, with a very high success rate in those Bankruptcy cases filed. You’ll start with an initial conference to confirm the Bankruptcy filing will be beneficial and viable. Then Deutsch &Schneider, LLP will prepare the Petition, various Schedules, and Statements required, beginning the process which can later erase your credit card and other debt and help you move on with your life.