Mortgage Foreclosures

Lenders with loans in default in the State of New York face a mortgage foreclosure process which is an arduous, intricate and timely judicial undertaking. There exist numerous statutory hurdles which can delay the process as it works its way through the court system. There are also various pre-suit service and filing requirements along with mandatory settlement conferences for owner occupied residential dwellings.

Deutsch & Schneider, LLP has handled thousands of mortgage foreclosures, on all types of properties, on behalf of numerous lenders, throughout the State of New York for the past fifty (50) years. During this time period, we have acquired the skill, experience and knowledge necessary to advocate aggressively and in a cost effective manner. Our related services also include co-op foreclosures, receiverships, litigation, bankruptcy, deficiency judgments and post-foreclosure evictions.

We currently represent national and local lenders, loan servicing institutions, credit unions, bridge lenders and private investors.

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