Healthcare Decisions and Financial Affairs

Who will make important healthcare decisions for you if you are unable?

Rapid medical advances have extended patients’ lives. Unfortunately, sometimes people lose the ability to make critical healthcare decisions.

A Living Will can express your desires concerning life sustaining medical treatment for an irreversible, terminal condition.

A Health Care Proxy can appoint a loved one as an agent for you to make these tough decisions.

Who will handle your financial affairs if you are unable?

Every day, independent and active people encounter physical and mental conditions which interfere with their ability to handle their financial affairs. Rent and bills must be paid, checks deposited, medical forms completed, and tax returns filed. Who takes care of these important tasks if you are unable?

A Power of Attorney appoints an agent, usually a trusted loved one, to perform these critical tasks if you become incapacitated. If you do not have a Power of Attorney, a timely and costly court proceeding may be required.

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